Soy Canada

Soy Canada Market Access Database

Relevant national customs and border agency
Statistics Canadian statistics provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and sourced from Statistics Canada.
International statistics sourced from UN Comtrade and accessed via USDA GATS database.
Biotechnology Approvals International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications GM Approval Database
Non-Tariff Barriers Information provided by industry sources, the Government of Canada and accessed through the EU Market Access Database.
Pesticide MRLs Bryant Christie BCGlobal Database

The following is an overview of relevant HS Codes. Codes are harmonized to the six digit level. Additional digits may vary by country.

HS Code Description
1201 Soybean seed
1201.10 Soybean seed, for sowing
1201.90 Soybean seed, other
1201.90.10 Soybean seed, other, for oil extraction
1201.90.90 Soybean seed, other, other
1507 Soybean oil
1507.10 Soybean oil, crude
1507.90 Soybean oil, other
2304 Soybean meal